Posted on August 31, 2013

Puma Swede needs to get rid of her old bed so she can get a new one, but she needs someone to dispose of it for her. She hires a guy who says he'll haul her stuff away for free, but when he sees how big her bedframe is, he tells her it's going to cost her something. Puma doesn't have enough money to cover the expenses, but she tells him she can give him something else: the best blowjob of his life! The mover is all for it, so the sexy Swedish cougar gets down on her knees and gobbles his big dick, then even fucks him on the very bed she's getting rid of. Now that's a lasting memory.

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Posted on August 05, 2013

Johnny's interviewing for a secretarial job with Puma Swede, but he quickly learns that she asks very unconventional interview questions. When she starts to ask him what he looks like without clothes on, he knows for sure that this isn't your average interview. Off come the clothes, out come Puma's big fake tits, out come Johnny's big hard dick, which then goes into Puma's hot wet pussy. After he blasts a hot load all over her face and lips, she admits that she's not the head honcho, that the real boss is on her way in. Break a leg!

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Posted on August 04, 2013

Puma Swede loves her husband, but isn't satisfied with what they've been getting up to sexually. This busty milf is ready and willing to spice things up, and thinks anal is the right move to fan the flames of desire. She's not sure if her conservative husband will be down for it, but all she can do is put on her sexiest lingerie, and entice him to slide his stem balls deep in her ass.

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Posted on June 10, 2013

Puma Swede goes over to her girlfriend's house to talk since she just broke up with her cheating-ass boyfriend, but she isn't home. Rather, her girlfriend's man Bill is there. He sits her down and listens to her dreary sadness. Then he looks at her big tits' bustiness, then pulls out his big dick and fucks her pussy's wetness. Cheating goodness.

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Posted on August 06, 2012

Puma Swede is, among other things, a super sexy guardian who shows off her more tangible qualities on the web to make ends meet. Jordan, her son's best friend, fantasizes day and night about buxom Puma. Well, their two worlds collide when Puma's webmaster insists that she take cock for the first time on video; an idea that doesn't sit well with the supermilf. But Jordan Ash is more than capable and soooo down!

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Posted on March 20, 2012
Europe has given us fine wine, delicious food, and sexy European babes like Puma Swede. Puma is one hot piece of Swedish pussy and she has the kind of filthy mouth that should be washed out with a load of sperm. I didn't know which one I would rather do -- watch her suck cock or listen to her talk dirty! So how about a little bit of both? In between sucking her way around this big cock, Puma talks so dirty that she'll have your cock stiff in the first 20 seconds. And when she fucks that big cock with her tits and fingers her own pussy, it's T minus 30 seconds until she's got a load dripping off her face and your load is all over the keyboard. Keep it sticky!

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Posted on January 11, 2012
Today, Puma Swede and her friends Diana Doll and Emilianna went to Puma's restaurant to hang out and have a few glasses of wine. While hanging out and having girl talk, Puma was mentioning her new employee and how she noticed him changing one day and that his cock looked huge! So the girls decided to call him out and see it for them selves. Let's just say the girls couldn't look and not touch. He pulled it out and put it on a platter and the girls didn't leave any left overs. This is definitely one for your collections! Check it out!

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Carrying on with its yearly tradition, famous free pornstars website has compiled the Top 100 Most Popular Pornstars of 2011, an actual ranking of the 100 most visited pornstars on the site in the past 12 months. Congratulations to Puma Swede who is ranked number 60!

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Posted on December 28, 2011
Puma Swede is a very pleasant afternoon interruption. When you're reading on the couch and she struts into the room to start licking the crotch of your blue jeans, you know she's in heat craving your meat! The Swedish blonde slut has excellent suck skills, big tits and a sex drive that's at least as intense as your own. Few girls get MORE excited when you push down on the back of her head to fuck her face deeper, but Puma is one of them! She is never happier than she is when you have her down on her knees drinking cum out of your dick and finger-painting with it all over her pretty face!

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Posted on December 18, 2011
James' girlfriend is going out of town and she has a few chores she wants James to take care of before she gets back. The main one being grooming the lawn. There's no way James is gonna do it himself so he searches the internet for a landscaping company and finds Beauty's Lawn Beautification where you watch a beauty do all the hard work. When Puma Swede, the lawn beautifier, shows up, James is blown away by her sexy body, she finishes the yard work in record time but tells James she doesn't have the right tools for the deep hard digging she had in mind... but maybe James does.

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